Where do I get the backing tracks?

These days there is a wide variety of websites that sell great sounding backing tracks. However, we recommend you check out singsongs.com first.


What if we can't sing really?

Relax, you won't individually be put on the spot, unless you girls decide to single someone out, like the hen for example.

This is about having fun, there's no need to take it seriously. However, if you are interested in recording a professional single, EP or album, feel free to contact Westland Studios directly. 


What is the alcohol policy?

You're very welcome to bring alcohol with you, in fact it's great for losing the inhibitions, but please don't start drinking BEFORE you come to the studio as it can ruin the fun if everyone's a bit messy! You can get tipsy anywhere, we'd rather you got a decent recording out of the whole experience!


What if we want CDs duplicated?

Just ask, we can arrange this for you, to any quantity, with or without CD graphics and a variety of cases, including simple plastic slip wallets..