How it Works:


Before the recording:

- choose the 3 backing tracks (and a spare one just in case)

- book the studio date by paying the deposit.

- email the lyrics & backing tracks to all the girls - if you're organised enough! :-) 

- email The Hen Party Recording Studio with the text to be printed on the CD


At the recording:

- a few of the girls can turn up 30 min early to decorate (optional)

- everyone loosens up with a few drinks and/or snacks while the engineer gets everything set up

- the music is played back to everyone through speakers and/or headphones (the hen gets her own mic and headphones, it's her night!)

- you sing your hearts out with no shame

- have a little break (for drinks :-) while the engineer edits & mixes the 1st song

- do another song

- have a little break while the engineer edits & mixes the 2nd song

- do the third song

- have another chat while the engineer edits & mixes the 3rd song

- you leave with a CD copy for each of the girls & pay the balance


A bunch of great singers enjoying their Hen Party