Recording Location options.


Thanks to our mobile recording unit, pretty much any location across Ireland can be used for the recording session. However, we have special deal wih Ireland's legendary Westland Studios in Dublin city centre.

Clients such as Hozier, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Sheridan, Little Green Cars, Bob Dylan, U2, Westlife, Kate Bush, Gemma Hayes and Brian Adams have all recorded there, and it's the ideal studio for large hen parties, as it's facilities and size can cater for groups of up to 40 people. See full client list at the following link:


Westland Studios:



Westland Studios has a large enough "live room" to host a big group of girls as well as a big spread of your drinks and whatever else you choose to bring for the girls. It also looks the part (it's a genuine world-renound recording facility) so you can take all the pics and videos you like to later upload to facebook and twitter. Don't forget to get that essential "singing at the mic with one headphone on" shot! :-) 


Recording on location:



If getting all the girls to Dublin is a challenge or Westland Studios is booked by another group on the date that you must record on, any location of your choice can be used for your hen party recording.

We have 15 years experience travelling around Ireland and the UK, using churches, schools, homes, community centres and gyms to record a wide variety of musical groups such as choirs, brass bands, schools and of course hen parties! The quality of the recording is not compromised as our location recording gear is fully professional, and it's just as much fun!